Masterpost Blues

I’ve been trying to come up with some kind of “SPD masterpost” series since I started group therapy a few weeks ago (and individual therapy last week). It’s really interesting, and I’ve learned a lot about the current research going on for SPD. They always give us handouts, and we usually do some kind of activity as well. I think the information is really good and I want to try and bring that to people.

But when it comes to putting the actual post together…maybe I’m just not a “masterpost” kind of writer. Or maybe the words just haven’t come to me yet.

Honestly the things that keep coming to me are some serious doubts about how effective the occupational therapy will be. This isn’t because the therapist isn’t skilled, it’s more because I’m afraid that treatment doesn’t yet exist for my most pressing symptoms: hypersensitivity to noise and smells. Sure, I can cut through the sensory input to complete a task for a test or during a session, but in real life? When I walk past someone at the store with too much perfume, or when something gets dropped on a hard floor, what is there to help with that? My threshold for these things is much lower than the general population, and from what I’m reading about other adults, this is nearly impossible to change. Most of the therapy so far has focused on knowing how to recognize when my body is reaching its limits, which is very valuable, and I’m getting much better at it.

Well, at least she had a good suggestion last week: Do some job shadowing while I’m in limbo. Not so much for the “what” and “why” as much as the sensory needs. I can be happy doing almost any type of work, because I find so many different things interesting and I can figure most things out with proper training and guidance. Finding purpose is not difficult for me either, it comes down to a combination of being interested in the work and valued by the organization. However, the only way to know if the sensory needs will align with mine is through some real-life experience. Every work environment is so specific, even within a particular field. I need to find people I know that have worked in a variety of different places, so that I can get as much information as possible. It’s likely that whatever I choose will require more schooling, so I’d like to get an idea if it will actually work for me before I take the plunge and spend all that time and money.

Things are still hard, I’m still struggling physically with back pain and some hand issues, but both are getting better. Only thing to do is keep moving forward, even though I just feel like I’m spinning in circles the whole time.


Masterpost Blues

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